Don’t Miss this Sure Way to Boost the Bottom Line at Your HVAC Company

What is your HVAC company investing in to increase your profit? Additional advertising, more fuel-efficient service vehicles, or a new scheduling system? How about investing in your current customers?

A study by the Harvard Business School found that increasing your customer retention rate by just 5 percent, can increase your profits by 25 percent or more. Another study by To Your Success revealed that home service contractors spend an average of $483 to acquire each new customer versus just $30 per customer to run an effective retention program.

Clearly, it’s cheaper to retain your current customers than find new ones.  So how do you invest in your current customers in a way that builds a genuine relationship with your company? Try these three tips.

1. Communicate Promptly  

If you can’t fully resolve an issue or schedule a repair with your customer when they first call your office, be sure and call them back with the needed information as soon as possible. Customers, in general, want to know what to expect, and a customer with a broken heating or cooling unit is not happy. You can help alleviate frustration and scheduling conflicts by calling them back promptly. Be sure to explain exactly what your company can do to meet their needs and resolve any issues.

In addition, follow up any service or installation project with a prompt thank-you email, note, or gift. Make sure this thank you arrives within a few days of the project completion. This sends the message to your customer that you truly value his or her business.

2. Personalize It

Follow-up emails, mailings, and customer surveys can be personalized with specific customer information, such as name, the service or product purchased, and other unique information. You could also try sending personalized notes and a yummy thank-you treat like gourmet cookies or premium candy and nuts.  

Customers expect you to perform your job well, but they don’t necessarily expect you to send a special note or gourmet gift. Those kinds of individualized touches help build an emotional connection with your company, resulting in the customer sticking with you instead of looking for a better offer.

3. Deliver on Promises

Make sure you can deliver on any promises. For example, be sure you are scheduling in a way that allows your technicians to always arrive at the reserved appointment time. If your customer service desk said they would call a customer back by a certain time, make sure they follow through. When you consistently deliver on promises, customers realize you can be trusted, another key element necessary to retention and loyalty.

Make Customer Retention Effortless

Did you know you can have a highly personal and effective customer retention program without demanding extra time and effort from your team? Read how To Your Success has helped HVAC companies across the nation build the type of customer loyalty that boosts the bottom line.


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