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1,047 reviews since May, 2014

Air-Tro Inc.
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Monrovia, CA 91016

Consumer Review Summary

1,047 reviews since May, 2014

To Your Success, Inc. is an independent customer satisfaction firm conducting ongoing surveys to verified customers of Air-Tro Inc.. Here are the results to date:

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Survey Question Results

Q: Was everyone at our company helpful and courteous?

1,023 out of 1,046 said yes

Q: Were we able to respond to your needs in a timely manner?

989 out of 1,042 said yes

Q: Did the technician understand and meet your needs?

999 out of 1,039 said yes

Q: Was the work performed to your satisfaction?

977 out of 1,035 said yes

Q: Was the work area left neat and clean?

1,010 out of 1,023 said yes

Q: Would you use our company again and recommend us to others?

968 out of 1,003 said yes

Q: Please rate your overall experience with our company:

640 out of 861 gave 5 stars