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5,510 reviews since August, 2014

Summers & Zim's, Inc.
(610) 593-5129 ·
Atglen, PA 19310

Consumer Review Summary

5,510 reviews since August, 2014

To Your Success, Inc. is an independent customer satisfaction firm conducting ongoing surveys to verified customers of Summers & Zim's, Inc.. Here are the results to date:

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Survey Question Results

Q: Please rate your overall experience with our company:

4,338 out of 4,777 gave 5 stars

Q: When you called for service, was your call answered promptly?

1,450 out of 1,456 said yes

Q: Was the technician helpful and friendly?

5,015 out of 5,032 said yes

Q: When you called for service, was the call taker prompt, friendly and helpful?

3,805 out of 3,810 said yes

Q: How well did our office communicate with you while setting up your project?

147 out of 170 gave 5 stars

Q: Did he explain what needed fixed and the cost before he did the repair?

1,016 out of 1,096 said yes

Q: Did the technician have the knowledge needed to perform the required service?

3,781 out of 3,802 said yes