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411 reviews since October, 2014

Power Line Industries | Hot Jet USA

Riverton, UT 84065

Consumer Review Summary

411 reviews since October, 2014

To Your Success, Inc. is an independent customer satisfaction firm conducting ongoing surveys to verified customers of Power Line Industries | Hot Jet USA. Here are the results to date:

Satisfaction Ratings
5 Star
4 Star
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Survey Question Results

Q: Was everyone at our company helpful and courteous?

408 out of 411 said yes

Q: Were we able to respond to your needs in a timely manner?

403 out of 412 said yes

Q: Would you use our company again and recommend us to others?

408 out of 410 said yes

Q: Please rate your overall experience with our company:

335 out of 376 gave 5 stars

Q: Did the quality of the equipment meet your expectations?

404 out of 409 said yes

Q: If you attended our Workshop, will it add value to your Company?

2 out of 3 said yes

Q: Did the delivery/production time meet to your satisfaction?

396 out of 408 said yes