"I recently had a furnace that was leaking carbon monoxide in my house through the vents. I paid almost $6k for a new one to be replaced which all older parts Involved should be replaced as well but one was not and leaked a life threatening amount of pure gas into my home. When I called for an immediate service deljo wanted to charge for the service or if I would wait until the next day it would be free. I was very disappointed and frustrated at this time. This lead to me calling in 911 and people's gas to temporarily solve the issue and shut the furnace off through the night which led to my family being cold and uncomfortable. I waited 2 working days for a follow up and nothing. I had to call and request to talk to someone. At this time the term treat customers like family did not feel like it was applied. I finally talked to the installation manager and expressed all these concerns and asked her why this has happened. She apologized, listened and was very nice. I asked and was told that there would be compensation along with a follow up call in regards to this situation my family and I were exposed to. It has been almost two weeks after that call and no reply. I have received your complimentary box of cookies and hope this was not the compensation that was discussed. I am still looking forward to some type of follow up. Thank you for your time and consideration. Sincerely, Scott Santoyo"
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