"I was referred by my brother and have been with Hillside for almost 4 years now when I first bought my house. At first. I had many different issues that required tech visits (even in snow storms and weekends, my phone call was returned and they dispatched a tech to me), but Hillside techs got everything figured out from the previous owner's company, and all has been running smooth. Friday morning I woke up and heat was not working and 60* in the house. I called Hillside when they opened and they got me in when it was convenient for me and busy for them since I still had to go to work myself. Jessica called me when the tech was on his way, I met Mike at my home and within an hour he had my heat running. Honestly, Hillside has been the best customer service I have ever dealt with. I will be a Hillside customer for life. Thank you for everything Hillside, my family and dogs appreciate it."
100% rating - from North East, MD on
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