How Three Way Campers found the secret to boosting CSI and generating thousands of customer reviews.


Having opened its doors in 1952, Three Way Campers is distinguished as the oldest RV dealership in the state of Georgia, and one of its largest volume dealers as well. Three Way also holds another notable place in history—back in 1998 they became the first company to employ the services of To Your Success.

Brothers Jeff and David Porter lead the charge for the third generation of this family-owned and operated dealership that centers itself around The Golden Rule: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”


It was the late 1990s. Three Way was dedicated to providing excellent service, but as hard as they tried they couldn’t rise above a 92% customer satisfaction ceiling. They also lacked an easy way to capture positive customer feedback in a way that could be showcased to prospective customers visiting their showroom or website.


In 1998, Three Way made the decision to use a new customer experience company called To Your Success. A few months after making the decision to reward their sales customers with a gift, Three Way finally penetrated that 92% customer satisfaction ceiling on their way to a whopping 98% CSI—where they have remained ever since. The secret was in the cookies. To this day, customers of Three Way Campers receive an unexpected package with a customized greeting card, customer satisfaction survey, and one dozen freshly baked cookies in a branded “Three Way Campers” reusable, soft-side cooler.

“The Thank You gift makes the customer’s experience more personal. It makes them feel more a part of our family and makes their connection with us that much stronger. Links them in for future purchases.”

David Porter, Co-owner


To Your Success also surveys Three Way’s customers and provides real-time visibility into every customer interaction. Three Way receives immediate alerts for any customer dissatisfaction, a nightly customer feedback report, and a cloud-based system for analyzing customer feedback and team member performance. Cumulatively over the years, the Porter brothers have successfully listened to over 2,000 customers.

“We review all of our customer feedback and we take any negative feedback personally,” says Jeff Porter. “The department manager makes a personal phone call to the customer, or David or I will call directly, depending on the situation.” Says David Porter, “On one occasion, we reached out to a dissatisfied customer after seeing their negative feedback and restored the relationship. They’ve since purchased again. Without the survey mechanism, we would have lost that customer and potentially other customers through negative word of mouth.”

Three Way has a very loyal following and To Your Success captures customer raves and provides automated tools for showcasing them. Three Way utilizes printable showroom posters displaying their up-to-the-minute CSI score, along with search engine optimization of their positive customer feedback and a live “Customer Reviews” widget for their website.

“The impressive thing with the showroom poster is the numbers, when you look at over 2,000 customer reviews and 98% CSI.”

Jeff Porter, Co-owner

To Your Success also drives Google reviews from satisfied Three Way customers. Three Way was stuck at just 3 Google reviews all-time, but in their first few months utilizing RaveMaker® from To Your Success, they gained 25 new Google reviews, and still counting.

The Porter brothers understand how 5-star Google reviews strengthen their SEO value and their online reputation to prospective customers. Says David Porter, “If I’m making a purchase, I click on reviews and read them.”


Three Way understands that a thoughtful reward creates an emotional bond with customers and cultivates loyalty.

Their advice to up-and-coming RV dealers? Jeff Porter responded, “It’s all about service after the sale. There are a lot of RV dealers popping up with low margins, sales-driven, not caring about relationships. What’s best for the industry is to build customer loyalty.”

When asked what achievement Three Way Campers is most proud of, David Porter responded, “Our pride is in our CSI performance. The feedback from the customer is really what matters.”

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