"My whole experience was fantastic. Every employee I met was friendly and knowledgeable. They made me feel comfortable and helped me look for ways to make this happen. Sam was awesome to work with. Don't ever lose him! He kept me feeling I could do this and he knew how much I needed the independence to drive again. I can't thank you guys enough for making this happen. Also the time it took to get the van was much quicker than I ever thought it would take. Its an incredible feeling knowing I can get up and get in the van and just go where ever I want and not have to rely on someone to help me. The first time my daughter saw me after I had the van she commented on how good I looked. That's because I'm so happy. Thank you all for doing this for me and improving my quality of life not just for me but my whole family. I have a new chapter in my life " Total Independence". It's a great feeling. I'm so glad my friend Armand introduced me to you guys years ago. Thank you for everything!"
100% rating - from Rocky Hill, CT on
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