"This is the second conversion I have purchased in the last 14 months, but the first from Advanced Wheels. I had initially come to Advanced Wheels following the purchase of a conversion from a different company, one located in NC. The staff at Advanced Wheels could not have been more helpful first when I needed a frame for my wheelchair in that vehicle, then with making repairs to various malfunctioning features of that vehicle. When my assistant brought the old vehicle in so that a non-functioning ramp could be made usable again, she was shown courtesy and was also shown the vehicles which Advanced Wheels now is selling. When my assistant came home with a brochure demonstrating the Pacifica, I called Lisa and expressed interest. Lisa drove the vehicle to my home, an hour away, arriving in just an hour and a half. Clearly she wanted to be as helpful as she could be. Lisa is highly professional, knowledgeable, enthusiastic - and just as nice as she could be. "
100% rating - from New Haven, CT on
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