Customer Christmas Gift Ideas

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Christmas gifts that work – Vision & strategy

After nearly 20 years of helping small businesses and firms thank their customers at Christmas, we’ve seen a lot of trends and different ideas.

Here’s a summary of ideas and what we’ve learned:

  • Send tangible gifts. Avoid coupons and “company gift cards.” As much as a $50 Tune-Up Voucher might seem valuable, your customers would prefer to pay you for your services and receive an unexpected gift. And remember: This is about a customer relationship and showing you care as a company (marketing), not advertising. The goal is for them to feel truly valued, not solicited. When the need arises, you’ll be top-of-mind.
  • Personalize your message. Sign your card from a person at the company, or “The team at XYZ Contractors.” You might even add signatures or pictures. After all, human relationships are built between people, not corporate entities.
  • Food is the most universal gift you can give. Go for freshly-made gifts as much as possible over big-box store items. A gift that is hand-crafted is going to have incredibly higher impact than a gift that feels mass-produced or pulled from a shelf.
  • Consider how quality represents your business. Sending customers a gift is an investment and an opportunity to define your brand; ensure it’s money well spent. For instance, we all know that Christmas gift baskets appear large but are full of cardboard spacers, cellophane wrap, and questionable sausage. Skip the fluffy appearance and send a gift that reflects your genuine quality. You want your gift to be eaten–better yet, devoured–because it’s delicious! If you’re not going to send food, send practical items and stay away from trinkets. A stainless travel mug or other functional gift will be retained. Stay away from cheap, promotional items that reflect poorly on your company.

Above all, make it achievable! If you don’t have time to be assembling gifts, tying bows, and designing cards, let us come alongside you and help you efficiently. We specialize in freshly-baked bulk orders, custom cards, logo gift designs, and more.

GIFT IDEA 1: Custom, freshly-baked tin of cookies

Here’s what’s great:

  • These are the best cookies, ever. They’re freshly-baked in Kennesaw, GA and shipped 2-day mail. You’d be hard pressed to find anyone who wouldn’t love these buttery, fresh cookies.
  • Includes a custom card.  There’s no extra cost to customize a Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays card with your logo, custom message, signatures, and more. Plus, you don’t have to do it yourself: Friendly designers give you personalized help (saving you a ton of design time).
  • Excellent, responsive customer service. It can be time consuming pulling together a Christmas list, customizing your cards, editing designs, and so forth. This family-owned and operated team makes the whole process seamless and helps you every step of the way.

The downsides:

  • 96 Minimum. Being a customized product means you’ll have to reach a minimum production run. If you can’t swing it, consider the classic version which still includes a custom card.
  • Ends November 19th. Not the best for folks like me who do their shopping on Christmas Eve.
  • Limited to the U.S. only.  Due to being a fresh, perishable product, the cookies can’t go through international customs fast enough.

GIFT IDEA 2: Medium Christmas Tower, “Frosty’s Favorite”

Here’s what’s great:

  • Reach more people. This size gift allows you to wow more customers thanks to its value-packed price, but have the full effect of sending a beautiful tower. A full dozen freshly-baked cookies and fun surprises of chocolate covered almonds, white fudge pretzels, pistachios, and Werther’s give a good variety.
  • Schedule in advance.  You can prepare a list and get these scheduled in advance with no extra fee. They are then baked and assembled fresh for your customers.
  • Wholesale pricing on 10 or more. Already a great value but save more on bulk orders of 10+.

The downsides:

  • Consider the recipient’s value. This is an impressive gift for all but your biggest customers. Consider sizing up for large offices or pivotal customers.
  • The box design isn’t customizable. The only place you can have full customization is on the design of the greeting card.
  • This popular gift can sell out. This is a very popular tower because of its value. If it’s right for your customer, schedule an order in advance to guarantee stock.

GIFT IDEA 3: Large Christmas Nut Variety

Here’s what’s great:

  • Salty & delicious. A generous tin of nuts (including chocolate covered almonds and white fudge pretzels) makes this a great option for special customers or office gifts.
  • Includes a custom card.  Again, no extra cost to customize a Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays card with your logo & custom message.
  • Wholesale pricing on 10 or more. Compared to other customer Christmas gifts, the value at this bulk pricing is unbeatable.

The downsides:

  • Lacks fresh cookies. If you’re looking for a nut + cookie option, consider the previous option.

Get more Christmas ideas

If you have your list of customers and want to do a unique, freshly-baked cookie gift with a custom card, that’s what we’re here for! We specialize in customer gifts, making them personal and leaving a quality impression. Have an idea, like a custom Christmas tin design? Just let us know; we’ll show you concepts and make it happen.

Customer relationships are critical

When was the last time you received an unexpected appreciation gift in the mail? It’s 2022, the age of impersonal digital gift cards and valuing ease over quality. It takes time to ship an actual gift, which makes it a unique way to leave a lasting impression.

It’s rare to receive a gift. Much less, an unexpected box that stirs up excitement with the family at home or in the office break room. You have the ability to engineer delight and make fun, lasting impressions of your brand. This is essential to become top-of-mind in a customer’s memory. You need to be the first person they think of when they need you again–or when a friend or family member is looking for your service.

By sending a physical package, you’re standing out. You’re sending a welcome reprieve from all the advertisements, fliers, and postcards from the noisy competition. The opportunity to differentiate your brand and build personal customer relationships is huge.

You have the ability to engineer delight and create fun, lasting impressions.”