We love serving people – and cookies

Putting others first since 1998

For more than twenty years, To Your Success has delivered customer delight out of Kennesaw, GA. Millions of cookies, millions of nuts and millions of candies have led to stronger customer relationships.

We’ve developed the most streamlined Christmas gifting experience available. It’s our mission to help you retain and expand your most valuable asset: Your customers.

Christmas is only one aspect of our business; we also offer our clients year-round gifting memberships that include customer feedback management solutions.


Enjoy some “sweet” memories with us: One of our first tradeshows, Jim at the helm in the original office, the first day using our automated shipping system, celebrating a quarter million cookies shipped in 2001, our humble, basement beginnings, and our mascot “Abby” who used to help us with marketing.

Our Story

Our story is really about you. How we can help you remember that each and every customer is vital to your success. With every customer interaction, you have the opportunity to shape how that individual feels about your company. Whether they will call you the next time they need your product or service and if they are willing to put their reputation on the line when given the opportunity to refer you. We are here to help you be the very best you can be at this. “To Your Success” is more than the name of a company. It is our commitment to you.

In 1998, at God’s direction, To Your Success was founded based on the biblical principles of honesty, integrity, gratefulness, and a humble desire to help fellow business owners be more successful by genuinely caring for their customers. Our belief that relationships in life are built on Philippians 2:3 (“…In humility value others above yourselves”), is the basis of our company culture affecting everything we do. We realize and value the trust that our clients place in us to help them provide an excellent customer experience with each person they serve.

Let us help you write the rest of your story that will make your customers smile.

Jim Childers
Founder and President
To Your Success, Inc.

“Unless the Lord builds the house, they labor in vain who build it…”
Psalm 127:1