"Let me say, I did a lot of looking around before I picked Hillside Oil. I wanted a company that had good reviews and service. While everyone has good reviews I made appointments with 3 heating companies only to find Hillside has the best deal to come out and see the problem for $59. They called me to confirm the appointment the night before and the worker Tom was great. Straightforward and honest. Gave me options about cleaning the Oil heater. and an estimate of what was to come. Came back out to do the work and the same thing. We stopped using our heater 10 years ago and have been burning wood in the wood stover and decided to get the old girl going again. 1 year ago we had another company come out to get her going again and said we needed a new motor. Tom figured out a dead bat was stuck in there and removed it. That's the kind of service I want someone who is truly trying to fix a problem and not just giving a solution because they don't want to really diagnose the problem and immediately go to replacing something that does not need replacing. Tom was always on time, friendly, and efficient. Great company that really stands behind its service. "
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