"I'm delighted with everything about my experience with Hillside HVAC. Your technician Mike is cracker-jack -- knowledgeable, professional, and wonderful to work with. Mike solved the problem with my hot-water coil system that had totally confounded the company to which I paid a lot of money to have the new system put in in 2020. In Mike's first visit, after confirming the system was satisfactory, he diagnosed my problem with the gushing hot water tank (also brand new in 2020) as solvable with the installation of a "zone valve". After this was installed, everything worked all right, but I still had misgivings about my system based on all the problems I'd had when the other company was providing me with service. Mike came out right away (within a day after my call) to demonstrate the operating efficiency of the zone valve and reassure me it WILL do its job without any problems. He's the best! I'm a very happy Hillside HVAC customer."
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