"Jason was the project manager and extremely knowledgeable, and professional, and provided pre and post-installation services to be performed. Walked us through the maintenance and care of the units. Jason has been servicing our heater since 1995 and was part of the team in 2013 when Hillside installed a new heating system, hot water heater, and oil tank. He also made sure ductwork issues underneath the house unrelated to the work order were fixed, along with our oil tank. Appreciate his going above and beyond. Danny who performed the pull of additional electrical work underneath the house, identified the ductwork issues along with a potential issue with one of our joists. Again appreciate going outside of the work order to identify these issues and I've got a contractor coming out next week to address the joist concern. Justin performed unit testing an explanation of control functions, and a walkthrough of units and any concerns or questions; answered each one satisfactorily. Again very knowledgeable and very patient, and never rushed, during the walkthrough, even though it was the end of the day. Never felt rushed and quality service was always present. The entire team, Jason, Justin, Joe, and Danny were all very nice, professional, and knowledgeable about additional questions we had. During the 1 1/2 days here, they cleaned up work areas along with additional drop cloth inside to avoid bringing in any dirt or debris. Very much appreciated. Overall, very impressed and honestly haven't any areas to improve upon. Thanks again for a great job and for taking care of our order."
100% rating - from Townsend, DE on
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