Juggling Sales, Service, and Loyalty: How Home Service Companies can Automate for Impact

In today’s culture, it’s no secret that home service companies are working in an incredibly competitive market. Contractors work fiercely to get leads and win new business, sparing no expense on advertising. However, once they land the client and complete the work, they sometimes move onto the next assignment without giving much thought to follow-up with the customer. If you’re a contractor or owner of a small home service business and find yourself juggling sales, service, and loyalty aspects, this scenario might sound familiar.

Maybe you understand the need for better customer follow-up, yet feel you simply don’t have the time or resources to put into that key component of your business. If that’s the case, why not consider an automated customer loyalty program that is easy for you, yet feels incredibly personal to your clients?

It Doesn’t Have to be Fancy; It Just Needs to be Functional

It’s important to remember that smart growth starts with valuing customer retention. When it comes to looking for ways to not only boost your sales but also increase your customer loyalty, flashy software, newfangled programs, or even guru consultants might be tempting. However, that can get expensive fast, and you might end up overpaying for a service that may not be tailored to your company’s unique needs and goals.

A good automated customer loyalty program doesn’t have to be complicated to be effective. It just needs to make the consumer feel that their business was appreciated, their voices are heard, and their feedback is valued.

At To Your Success, we’ve created an automated customer loyalty program that does just that. Our comprehensive customer follow-up survey combines cutting-edge analytics with premium in-house gifting services to give you a unique way to help build and maintain strong customer relationships.

It Doesn’t Have to Consume Your Time; It Just Needs to be Personal

When consumers feel that a business is personally invested in their best interest, they are more likely to return as repeat customers. Our automated program allows home service companies to focus on sales and service calls while resting assured that their customers are receiving the type of quality care necessary to maintain good consumer relations and retention rates.

Loren Baker said it best in her article, 7 Ways to Automate Conversations with Your Customers, “Putting automation to work in your business frees you and your employees to continue to move your business forward, while still keeping a level of support that your clients expect.”

Our program at To Your Success fosters client relationships through four primary ways:

  1. Delighting the Customer – Appreciation is critical for customer retention. Sending gifts to your customers is an unexpected way to build strong emotional connections with your company.
  2. Listening to the Customer – Customer input is crucial for moving your business forward. Sending out customizable surveys will help you capture and analyze results in real-time, allowing you to make meaningful changes based on feedback.
  3. Understanding the Customer Experience – A customer’s experience can make or break your business reputation. With up-to-the-minute analytics and customizable reports, you can manage customer relationships easily.
  4. Showcasing Positive Reviews – Testimonials are powerful endorsements. In the process of collecting customer feedback, you’ll receive affirmation on a job well-done that can be shared to the world to boost your online reputation and generate more inquiries.

Just think: while an automated system takes care of your customers, you get to use all the time saved to focus on other priorities in your company.  

Seeing is Believing

“… When you are good at something and you love doing it, many people will have a fanciful notion that customers will just find them. In reality, you have to work hard to cultivate an audience,” (source)

Simply being good at what you do isn’t enough to cultivate customer loyalty. If you want to see your retention rates rise, you’ll need to put a plan in place that focuses heavily on giving a personalized experience to your clients.

We can tell you all about our automated system and how it can greatly enhance your services, but we know that seeing is believing.  Our experts at To Your Success invite you to schedule a live demo with us, today. See for yourself just how personal, yet hands-off,  an automated customer loyalty system can be!


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