Metrics Matter: Retaining Customers in the HVAC Industry

Contractors for home services are in high demand. It’s an extremely competitive field, so when it comes to customer retention, how is your business doing? If you’re a  contractor in the HVAC or plumbing industry, do you know what key indicators lead to repeat business?

According to Business Trends, “the impact of customer retention can be felt from your bottom line to your marketing tactics, cost of sales, and customer service.”

Check out some of the most common metrics to look for when tracking your company’s success.

• A Delighted Customer is a Loyal Customer

It costs less to retain an existing customer than it does to acquire a new one. However, you must put in the effort needed to give your customers an experience that will leave them feeling valued and cared for.

An article that appeared in Contractor 20/20 put it best, “Customer retention is not only a cost-effective and profitable strategy, but for today’s contractor, it’s an absolute must. This is especially true when you remember that 80% of your sales come from 20% of your customers and clients.”

Give your customer a unique experience through touches like old-fashioned thank-you notes delivered to their front door, remembering their name next time you speak with them, and even something as out-of-the box as sending fresh baked goodies to their home as a thankful follow-up gesture.

After you’ve knocked your customers’ socks off with exceptional service, what metrics can you utilize to measure their feedback and consumer loyalty in a quantifiable way?

• Analyzing Customer Retention and Feedback

Our team of professionals at To Your Success know that having a streamlined way of viewing important aspects of your company is crucial to building your customer retention and increasing your overall success. We come alongside you and help manage customer relationships and team member performance in real time, through a cutting-edge suite of analytics that examines every facet of the customer journey. The top three metrics we provide you with are:

  • Personalized Customer Surveys
  • Automatic Reporting
  • Online Reviews

• Personalized Customer Surveys

Personalized surveys are a great way to collect essential, actionable data. Surveys are tailored to your home service company, and allow you to monitor and evaluate every single customer interaction that takes place. Surveys provide you with:

  • More feedback, more quickly
  • Verified, authentic responses
  • Human review of customer comments, for optimal feedback routing
  • Responsive platforms that allows clients to complete the survey from whatever device they prefer

• Automatic Reporting

Automated reporting allows you to really understand the customer experience through critical business intelligence.  Automatic reporting gives you:

  • Real-time insight into customer satisfaction
  • Insight into customer complaints
  • Team member performance evaluations
  • Daily email reports

• Online Reviews

A strong portfolio of positive online reviews goes a long way in acquiring new customers and retaining previous ones. At To Your Success, we offer a streamlined process for managing your online reputation, called RaveMaker. This program auto-feeds customer raves to your website and search engines while driving customers to third-party review sites that matter to your industry. Online reviews provide:

  • Improved online visibility
  • A platform for positive testimonials to increase a positive reputation
  • Optimal positive reviews for search engines
  • A way to integrate positive reviews  with social media for easy sharing


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