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Common Questions

  • Which plan is right for me?
    The one that best meets your needs. The main difference between our plans is the level of capacity they provide you. This relates to the number of eTouches (Thank You emails with survey + online review request) that we send to your service customers, and also how many of your team members our software is monitoring. Our best advice is to click below and schedule a live demo with one of our expert advisors to help determine what you need, based on what your goals are with To Your Success. In 30 minutes, you'll know everything about the To Your Success program, and we should have a great understanding of your needs.
  • How often do I submit customer names/addresses?
    You can submit recipients however often you like; daily, weekly, or even monthly. You'll be able to place orders online, import a spreadsheet, email us, or call us. We also have software integrations with major software providers in the home services industry. This allows the sending of Thank You gifts to be on auto-pilot for your office.
  • Do you help me with setup?
    Absolutely. Our team will assist with your custom cards, surveys, online surveys, and more. We pride ourselves in providing personalized attention and fast responses to every need.
  • Are we required to send in all of our customer names?
    You can send gifts or eTouch to whoever you choose. If delighting and valuing customers increases repeat and referral business, why exclude anyone? You can even send any of our low-cost gifts, or utilize eTouch for low-budget customers.
  • Can I set up multiple card types?
    Members can customize different card types as needed. For instance: A Thank You, Apology, and Referral card are all good to have on hand. We'll help you design and create them.
  • Do you integrate with field service software?
    We have live integrations available for home services contractors: ServiceTitan, FieldEdge, Coolfront, and Housecall Pro (coming soon). This allows the sending of Thank You gifts or eTouch to be on auto-pilot for your office. For a current list, see above under any of the membership levels, under "Integrations & Automation".
  • How quickly do customers receive a cookie gift?
    Your cookies are baked fresh early in the morning before being hand-packed and vacuum-sealed. We ship them using USPS Priority mail to ensure 1-3 day delivery, so that the cookies are soft and fresh upon arrival.
  • Can I set up multiple survey types?
    Members can have different surveys for their different departments and/or company locations. This helps you target your questions and segment your feedback.
  • Do I have to use all of To Your Success's services, or can I just send gifts?
    If your main focus is warm customer connections and creating memorable, relationship-building moments, you can absolutely use our gifting service only. Reach out to our team with a call, email, or live demo below, and we'll help you with the ins and outs of a gift-only program with To Your Success.

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