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Success Story: Oliver Heating & Cooling - To Your Success, Inc.


How Oliver Heating & Cooling improved customer satisfaction, listened to over 9,000 customers and sky-rocketed Google reviews by more than 14x.


Oliver Heating, Cooling, Plumbing and Electrical is an award-winning residential and commercial contractor, providing HVAC, plumbing, electrical and home remodeling services to metro Philadelphia since 1971. With over 200 employees and annual residential revenue over 30 million, Oliver is one of the largest contractors in the nation. Focusing on the customer experience has been a critical part of their success.


In 2010, Oliver came to To Your Success in search of a turn-key way to delight and reward every customer who purchased a heating or cooling system. “We’re always looking for special ways to differentiate ourselves from our competition,” says Bernie Sweeney, Vice President of Sales for Oliver. “The unexpected Thank You gift does that for us.” Beginning with the customer Thank You gifts, Oliver began to implement the 4-part customer follow-up strategy from To Your Success.


Oliver understands that exceeding customer expectations and building an emotional bond are crucial for generating repeat and referral business and energizing your customer base. Says Sweeney, “Our customers greatly appreciate the gifts we send. It comes as a great surprise and everyone enjoys surprises, especially when it’s something they can share.”

“The fact that we don’t tell the customer a gift is coming is what makes the impact so huge when it arrives.”

Bernie Sweeney, VP of Sales


In 2014, Oliver began using eTouch®, To Your Success’ digital Thank You program, for connecting with customers in their service, plumbing, electrical, and duct cleaning divisions.

Says Shanna Reimer, Oliver’s Marketing Coordinator, “We wanted a streamlined way to collect feedback from customers after service calls, and to encourage happy customers to leave reviews on third party authority sites like Google, and Facebook.”

“The immediate alerts and daily digests of customer responses allow us to monitor customer satisfaction and address situations, both positive and negative, that may have gone unnoticed before using the TYS program. We’ve had many customers tell us how surprised and grateful they are that we took the time to follow up on their individual comments to correct a minor issue, clarify a point they were confused about, or recognize a technician who provided excellent service. This is a great tool for communicating with our customers after our service calls.”


Oliver had tried an in-house program, but experienced significantly better results with To Your Success. “During the initial test period, the To Your Success open and completion rates for emails and surveys beat our in-house program by a significant margin,” says Reimer.

“Switching to the TYS program let us ask more specific questions, take advantage of department and individual associate reporting, and the ability to encourage customers leaving positive reviews to post them on other third party authority sites.”

Oliver now has a streamlined way to capture and manage a large volume of customer feedback, send a Thank You gift after every install, and motivate team members to deliver exceptional service.

9,000+ Responses
14x Google Reviews


Oliver had stalled out on gaining new reviews on sites that are critical for contractors. With the help of To Your Success’ robust platform, that’s all turned around and Oliver now has an automated mechanism in place that’s regularly driving new reviews, the vast majority of which are 5-star.

“Since the inception of our To Your Success program, we have generated over 9,000 survey responses and increased our total number of Google reviews by 14x.”

Shanna Reimer, Marketing Coordinator

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