How Superior Van & Mobility fixed a “haphazard” survey process, generated over 1,000 customer reviews, and found a new way to demonstrate the Golden Rule.


Superior Van & Mobility is a an award-winning, factory-recognized mobility dealership with 11 locations nationwide. Superior is headed by company president Sam Cook, who also served 2 terms as president of the National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association (NMEDA). Founded in 1976 by the Cook family, Superior’s team of around 100 employees now services thousands of disabled individuals each year, changing lives through accessible vehicles, vehicle conversions, hand controls, and wheelchair/scooter lifts.


Lacking an effective mechanism for soliciting, capturing, and analyzing customer feedback, Superior’s President Sam Cook came to To Your Success in 2008. Cook was also looking for a unique way to express customer appreciation and build loyalty to the Superior Van brand.

“Prior to using To Your Success, we were doing surveys in-house. It was haphazard and inconsistent and surveys would come in one at a time. Now we have a way to look at compiled data and measure our CSI.”

Sam Cook, President

“We’ve always operated according to the Golden Rule and have focused on taking care of our customers. I wanted our customers to know we appreciate their business and that we care about their opinion.”


Superior implemented To Your Success’ gifting service and began sending a freshly baked cookie gift after every vehicle sale. The gift package includes a customized greeting card and postage-paid customer satisfaction survey with online completion option.

“I found To Your Success through the Adaptive Driving Alliance and liked the concept”, says Cook. “I liked the idea of sending something. It’s uniform this way. Every customer that purchases a vehicle gets cookies. I’m also big on surveying.”

“Customers comment all the time about how they loved the cookies. They mention the gifts when they come into our stores.”

Sam Cook, President

Every Superior Van & Mobility survey response is manually human-reviewed by a member of To Your Success’ Consumer Feedback Monitoring Team. To Your Success provides immediate alerts for any customer disappointment or dissatisfaction, and aggregated customer feedback reports are provided daily and on-demand to Cook and his management team.

“I personally look at every survey response”, says Cook. “We get the survey alerts and nightly reports and share them with the whole company. We say ‘Hey, nice job’, and our employees appreciate that. When we get the alerts, we’re all-hands-on-deck calling right away to resolve. We’re very reactive.”

“If you don’t know there’s a problem, you can’t fix it. On the other hand, you can have a happy customer for life because you’ve fixed their problem. We also rely on the report that shows how our customers heard about us. We use it to better spend our marketing dollars.”


“When it comes to employees, we’re very selective in our hiring process,” says Cook. “We hire people that are good at consulting, not just selling. Our customers have enough going on in their daily life and they don’t need us not doing our job. We let our employees know they’re going to be held accountable.”

“Our employees know that we take the To Your Success surveys very seriously. Before with our internal survey, we couldn’t get the big picture. It’s nice getting a report now.”

Sam Cook, President


Superior’s CSI is 98%, as measured by To Your Success’ independent, third-party survey. To Your Success publishes Superior’s rating online where it’s visible to the general public through organic search results, a dedicated Superior Van customer reviews web page hosted by To Your Success, and through Superior’s website through a “Customer Reviews” widget and live API feed. This way prospective customers can examine an unbiased report of Superior’s CSI performance and read reviews from over a thousand Superior Van customers.

Superior’s high rating and the fact that it’s measured by a third party builds trust with consumers in the nine markets served by Superior. This in turn drives more leads and more purchases, and reassures customers that they’ve made an intelligent buying decision.

“Online reviews are critical,” says Cook. “Consumers are always looking for independent reviews, not just companies promoting themselves.”

“We change a lot of lives every day and we will do everything we can to take care of our customers.”

Sam Cook, President

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